Support Teams & Units

Animal Control Officers

The Animal Control Officers of the Department are responsible for the impoundment, kenneling, and processing of stray, unwanted, and dangerous animals; the investigation and prosecution of animal cruelty complaints; and the investigation of animal bite complaints. The Animal Control Officers work in conjunction with the Humane Society and local area veterinarians.

Traffic Division

The Traffic Division is comprised of squads which cover the Lebanon community with 24-hour policing. Each squad is headed by a Watch Commander with the rank of Lieutenant and a Squad Supervisor with the rank of Sergeant. The Traffic Division is responsible for enforcement of all state, local, and city traffic violations.

Crime Scene Investigation Unit

The Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) Unit employs four state certified crime scene investigators. The CSI Unit is a 24-hour operational team that provides crime scene processing for crimes against persons and crimes against property. 

Hostage Negotiations Team

The Hostage Negotiations Team is assigned under special assignments. The hostage negotiators respond on a 24-hour basis to all crisis intervention incidents that include but are not limited to all suicide attempts, hostage situations, and barricaded suspects. This support unit is assigned to the Special Response Team that is currently under reorganization.

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force of Missouri

With the increase of Internet crimes against children, exploited children, and the modern slave trade, the Lebanon Police Department became a member of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force of Missouri. A detective from the LPD is assigned to the task force exclusively to combat these crimes.


For more information on any of the Department’s support teams and units, please contact the Lebanon Police Department at (417) 532-3131.
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