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The City Clerk holds a significant role within the City's administrative structure, acting as an appointed officer with duties outlined by RSMo 77.410 and City Code of Ordinances Chapter 2 Administration Section 2-232. In addition to these responsibilities, the City Clerk serves as the invaluable Custodian of Records.

As the Custodian of Records, the City Clerk diligently preserves and manages official records for the City. These essential documents encompass a wide array of materials, including minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and other vital records. Maintaining the integrity and accessibility of these records is crucial to promoting transparency and facilitating effective governance.

Moreover, the City Clerk assumes the pivotal role of being the official election authority for the City, ensuring the proper administration of elections. This includes administering oaths of office and upholding the integrity of the electoral process.

In addition to these core responsibilities, the City Clerk oversees the issuance of various licenses, extending their support as clerical personnel to both the Mayor, City Council, and various appointed boards/committees. Their expertise also encompasses the composition or supervision of all operational/code ordinances and resolutions, contributing to the efficient functioning of the City.

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