IT Department

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable the City to achieve its strategic goals and objectives, match technology to changing business needs, and promote a technology enabled community in which customers are connected and informed. 

Our Goal   

The goal of the Information Technology Department is to provide customers with superior information technology services and solutions so they can fulfill their commitment to making Lebanon the best place to work and live. 


The IT department does not take direct sales calls. Vendors should register to receive City of Lebanon bid notifications


The IT Department plays a crucial role in meeting the technology-related needs of the City Staff. With a continuous focus on development and maintenance, our dedicated IT staff strives to create and sustain an efficient mobile environment that enables staff members to meet the public's expectations for service. 

Our IT department provides comprehensive support for a wide range of computing needs throughout the City. This encompasses maintaining the robust back-end infrastructure, offering 24x7 support to our Fire and Police Departments, ensuring the security of mobile users, and managing connectivity for multiple remote sites. We work closely with other departments to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of their computing environments. Collaborating with application vendors and support technicians, we facilitate the seamless operation of core software systems vital to City operations.

One of our primary responsibilities is the procurement of computing resources for the City. We undertake this task through a competitive bidding process, ensuring transparency and value for money. Additionally, we leverage cooperative purchasing arrangements when appropriate, optimizing cost-effectiveness and streamlining procurement procedures.

The IT Department remains committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling the City to leverage the power of innovation in providing enhanced services to our community. We continually strive to meet the evolving needs of City Staff while ensuring the security, reliability, and efficiency of our technology infrastructure.

By proactively addressing technology needs, collaborating with departments, and employing best practices in procurement and support, the IT Department contributes to the overall effectiveness and success of the City's operations.