Public Information Office


The Public Information Officer serves members of the media by keeping them informed of the latest news, events and announcements coming out of the City of Lebanon. The office coordinates content across many different channels, including newsletters, social media sites, message boards and the city website.

The Public Information Office also facilitates public participation, helping to empower residents to have a stake in their local government through civic engagement. The office works closely with the City Administrator's Office on strategic communications efforts each year, and assists with internal city communications.

The Public Information Officer serves as media liaison by writing press releases, hosting press conferences, responding to questions from reporters, coordinating interviews with city officials and sourcing background information.

Public Information During an Emergency

During an emergency, communication between the City of Lebanon and residents is vitally important. Depending on the severity and length of the event, the City of Lebanon will use a variety of means to communicate. The following avenues are available for public information:


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