LACCTF-Lake Area Cyber Crimes Task Force


What is the Lake Area Cyber Crimes Task Force?

The Lebanon Police Department is the host agency for the Lake Area Cyber Crimes Task Force (LACCTF). LACCTF is part of 10 regional task forces within Missouri’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (MO ICAC) that specifically investigate internet crimes against children. The LACCTF employs both over and undercover methods in the investigation of state and federal crimes pertaining to computers and the internet as they are employed to sexually exploit or endanger children. It’s service area covers five counties to include Laclede, Dallas, Camden, Morgan, and Miller Counties.

MO ICAC is one of 61 coordinated task forces representing over 5,400 federal, state, and local law enforcement officers nationwide who are dedicated to investigating, prosecuting, and developing effective responses to internet crimes against children.

What Crimes does the LACCTF investigate?

Crimes such as the manufacturing, distribution, or possession of child pornography; luring children with technology, kidnapping, sexual assault, statutory sexual seduction, obscenity with a minor, interstate travel for the purpose of sex with a minor, interstate transmission of child pornography and related offenses. LACCTF investigators work closely with other investigators and crimes often overlap between other outside agencies. ICAC cases generally involve three things: a child, an electronic device such as a computer or cellular phone, and a sexually related crime.

How do I report a crime?

If a child is in immediate danger, call the police. If a child is at risk, but not in immediate danger make a report to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at the Cybertip Line or you may call 1-800-843-5678. The CyberTipline works hand in hand with ICAC task forces all over the country. The CyberTipline cross reports to as many agencies as needed, as these crimes often cross jurisdictional boundaries as well as worldwide if necessary.

If you know the crime occurred within the LACCTF service area or have questions, you can contact the LACCTF Commander, Det. Sgt. Kacie Springer at 417-532-3131 to report the crime.

How do I protect my children from on-line predators?

Please visit the links on this page for crime prevention information. Parental and community involvement is critical to combat crimes against our children.