EZ Child/Senior ID Services


The Lebanon Police Department is pleased to offer a service that will assist with locating and identifying elderly or intellectually disabled citizens at risk of wandering away from their caregivers.

The department can help protect your loved one by offering the services of the EZ Child ID system. The system allows our technicians to record the person’s height, weight, vital facts, fingerprints, and pictures. After the information is processed, the caregiver will receive a plastic identification card, and a disk containing the complete information. If the person ever goes missing, caregivers simply provide the disk, or email the file to the police department and officers will have everything necessary to launch alerts and begin their search.
“Having this information ready can save valuable time in locating a missing person.” Lebanon Police Chief Bryan Arnold says. “Wandering is one of the most common and potentially dangerous behaviors among people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia and this service can help add an extra layer of protection for your loved one.”

Arnold says participating in the program is quick and easy and the information is only recorded for the caregiver – the Lebanon Police Department does not maintain the data.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Angie Pollreisz at 417-991-2331. Identification kits can be processed at the police department, or the system is portable and can be brought to your location.