Fire / Rescue Operations Divisions

Fire Suppression

The Lebanon Fire Department responds to a variety of fires each year. These typically include:
  • Residential and commercial structure fires
  • Vehicle fires
  • Expositions
  • Natural cover fires
  • Dumpster and other trash fires
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Emergency Medical Care

Emergency medical calls make up the largest percentage of incidents the department responds to. The Lebanon Fire Department provides advanced and basic life support emergency medical care from all fire department apparatus. The Department is 100% licensed Emergency Medical Technicians with several firefighters also licensed as Paramedics.

Hazardous Materials

The Lebanon Fire Department is trained and equipped to handle a variety of hazardous material chemical releases. Haz-Mat Technicians are trained and complete numerous hours of Haz-Mat training each year.

Technical Rescue

The Lebanon Fire Department responds to a variety of rescue situations. These include:
  • Motor vehicle extracations
  • High or low angle rescues
  • Persons trapped in or by machinery
The Department is also equipped to handle rescues such as confined space and trench collapse.

For more information on the Fire / Rescue Division, please contact Sam Schneider, Fire Chief at (417) 532-2104.
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