Strategic Plan

Lebanon-REDI operates with a Strategic Plan that is updated annually.  The Lebanon-REDI Board of Directors receives an update on the Strategic Plan at bi-monthly board meetings.

The focus areas and goals of the Lebanon-REDI Strategic Plan are as follows:

Business Retention and Expansion

Goal 1: Maintain primary job employment at or above 24% of total workforce
Goal 2: Capitalize upon entrepreneurial spirit of our community
Goal 3: Become a training / education center of excellence

Industrial Attraction

Create new jobs in conjunction with BR&E to keep primary employment at or above 24% of total workforce
Development of a ‘Rapid Industrialization Program’
Certification of the Lebanon Industrial Park
Increase diversification of manufacturing types in Laclede County
Build upon existing industry clusters

Retail and Commercial Attraction

Attraction of one new retail ‘destination’ center every 24 months
Continue use of DREAM Initiative to create a retail ‘destination’ in Downtown Lebanon
Work with developers and business owners to grow local retail base

Community Development

Generate / improve marketable job skills for Lebanon residents
Create policies and programs that result in a well maintained, diverse housing stock throughout the municipalities and the unincorporated areas of Laclede County
Make Laclede County a preferred destination for several desired demographic groups, including but not limited to, the newly retired, retired military, the artistic/creative class, and others.
Increase awareness of negative lifestyle choices and work to assist organizations that make a positive impact.

Corporate Development

Work to make Lebanon-REDI financially self-sustaining.





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