In 2016, Lebanon and Laclede County participated in a regional housing study (Click here to review full study). The findings show that we have several areas of housing opportunities for developers and homeowners alike. As a result, the City of Lebanon has created a housing initiative program to help address these needs.

City staff has found more than 400 vacant lots that may be eligible to participate in this program by saving money on various fees that have been waived (building permit fee, water hookup fee, sewer hookup fee, electric hookup fee and meter base fees). City council has set an initial number of 25 lots that may receive the first series of incentives (with a limit of 2 lots per individual developer). In addition, lots that also fall in areas where blight may be determined as a barrier to its development, developers and/or homeowners may pursue property tax abatement incentives. Click here for a full application packet with further details. Click here to obtain the incentive policy for the Lebanon Neighborhood Redevelopment Corporation.

For additional information and to address any questions about the programs, contact Brian Thompson with Lebanon-REDI at 417-533-5627 or by e-mail at brian@lebanonredi.com

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