Business Environment


Lebanon knows manufacturing and distribution! As a percentage of workforce, Lebanon has 24.5% employed in manufacturing compared to a statewide average of 14.8%. Our local firms specialize in metal fabrication, robotic welding, tool & die design, automation tool design, precision metal cutting and forming, machining, and stamping.

Lebanon is the largest builder of aluminum fishing and pleasure boats in the United States, with three of the top five producers located here. (As measured by number of hulls produced)

Lebanon is home to Copeland Scroll Compressors, a division of Emerson Electric. As Lebanon’s largest employer, Copeland manufactures precision HVAC scroll compressors for the world-wide HVAC market.

Regal-Beloit also has an electric motor manufacturing facility in Lebanon. Additionally, Lebanon is home to Independent Stave, one of the largest producers of white oak barrels for the wine and spirits industry.

Low utility costs, a dual-feed, looped electrical system, spare capacity in water and sanitary sewage treatment, incentives and available property in the Lebanon Industrial Park. Lebanon truly does understand manufacturing.





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