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State Taxes

1.5 – 5.5% on income up to $9,000 and 6% on income exceeding $9,000


In most cases, a company located in Missouri will have a lower corporate tax bill than in other states.  State law sets the corporate income tax rate at 6.25 percent of net taxable income earned by a business in Missouri. In addition, Missouri allows 50 percent of federal income tax payments to be deducted before computing taxable income. Using this deduction, a corporation with a taxable income of $1,000,000 would have a Missouri effective tax rate of only 5.2 percent.  Please follow this link to learn more about Missouri Corporate and Business taxes:

Missouri Taxable Income:

An important tax advantage for Missouri businesses is the amount of income considered taxable – only income earned in Missouri is taxed. Two allocation options are offered for calculating this income: (1) the three-factor formula, based on sales, property and payroll, or (2) the single-factor formula, based only on sales. Missouri is the only state that permits companies to chose the formula that results in the lesser corporate income tax liability. This means that companies are not penalized for locating property and jobs in Missouri as they are in the other states. In addition, it is important to note that Missouri has not adopted worldwide or nationwide unitary tax assessment in computing multinational corporate income tax liability.

Three-Factor Formula:
A single state operation determines its intrastate sales and sales to non-nexus states to find the proportion of total or gross sales. A multi-state company computes these same two types of sales, and in addition, sales originating in another state and terminating in Missouri, to determine Missouri’s proportion of gross sales. Using this percentage of sales and percentages of property and payroll in Missouri, an average results in a ratio that is applied to taxable income.

Single-Factor Formula:
The single-factor formula is based only on sales. Fifty percent of interstate sales and 100 percent of Missouri intrastate sales are combined. This total is then divided by gross sales to determine the apportionment of percentage.
Sales / Use Tax

The 4.225% state sales/use tax rate in Missouri is lower than the rates in 35 other states. Missouri communities have the option of adopting a local sales/use tax, generally ranging from 1/2 to 1%. Counties may also adopt a sales/use tax generally ranging from 1/4 to 1%. Use tax is similar to sales tax, but is imposed when tangible personal property comes into the state is stored, used or consumed in Missouri.

Missouri has responded to the needs of business and industry by providing eleven major exemptions from sales/use taxes:

Machinery and equipment used to establish a new, or expand an existing manufacturing facility, provided such machinery / equipment is used directly to manufacture a product ultimately intended for sale.

Replacement machinery and equipment used directly in manufacturing a product ultimately intended for sale, provided their acquisition has been necessitated by reason of change in design or product, as opposed to obsolescence.

Machinery, equipment and devices which abate air pollution. To qualify for this exemption, a company need only have the appropriate state governmental agency certify that the equipment is pollution control equipment.

Machinery, equipment and devices which abate water pollution. To qualify for this exemption, a company need only have the appropriate state governmental agency certify that the equipment is pollution control equipment.

Machinery and equipment used to establish a new, or replace or expand an existing material recovery processing plant. The plant must convert recovered materials into a new product or different form.
All materials and supplies used to install tax-exempt machinery and equipment.

Electricity consumed in the manufacturing process provided the cost of the electricity exceeds 10% of total production costs. The cost of electrical energy consumed in the manufacturing process cannot be included in total production costs to qualify for the exemption. Electricity used for non-manufacturing purposes, such as lighting and heating, is taxable.Electricity or gas, whether natural, artificial or propane when used in connection with basic steel-making.

Electricity that is converted to stored chemical energy for providing an initial charge in lead-acid storage batteries during the manufacturing process, if this electricity is separately metered. This exemption does NOT apply to any local sales taxes. Anodes used in manufacturing or other types of production, with a useful life of less than one year.

Computers, computer software, and computer security systems purchased for use by architectural, engineering, or accounting firms headquartered in Missouri.NOTE: Building materials used to construct a new or expand an existing facility are normally taxable. However if a Missouri city or county retains title to financed properties, the building materials can be acquired by the local government tax-exempt.  Please see the following link for additional details:

Local Sales Tax
Taxing Entity

State of Missouri

County of Laclede

City of Lebanon



Real Property Taxes

Property Taxes – Residential:

Assessed at 19% – Shown for a property valued at $100,000.00

 Tax Rate
Within Lebanon     Laclede Co
COUNTY……$0.0606     $11.51     $11.51
STATE……….$0.0300     $5.70     $5.70
HEALTH…….$0.1000     $19.00     $19.00
LIBRARY……$0.1328     $25.23     $25.23
SB #40………$0.0663     $12.59     $12.59
LEEP………..$0.0655     $12.44     $12.44
CITY…………$0.5152     $97.88     – – – – – –
SPECIAL ROAD #1………..$0.5411     $102.80     – – – – – –
LEBANON SCHOOL……..$3.2200     $611.80     $611.80
TOTAL…………………………..$4.7310     $898.95     $698.27

Property Taxes – Commercial / Industrial:
REAL PROPERTY TAX BREAKDOWN – Commercial Industrial Property
Assessed at 32% – Shown for a property valued at $1,000,000.00

Tax Rate

Within Lebanon

Laclede County
State of Missouri




County of Laclede




County Health Dept.




County Library



SB #40








City of Lebanon




Special Road District #1




Lebanon R-3 School




Business Surcharge







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